Ajinomoto Fine-Techno Co., Inc. (AFT) is a subsidiary of the Ajinomoto Group responsible for the fine chemicals division. AFT (est. 1942) continues to deliver materials that can suit a wide range of customer needs in our four main strengths: molecular design, formulation, process development, and solutions. Our customers have commended us for our electronic materials. We have grown to play a major part in their value chains for electronics, automotive, and a variety of other products. We continue to refine our ability in materials science through research and development to continue creating value with our customers. We strive to provide the highest quality products, services, and information for our customers. Beyond our Ajinomoto Build-up filmĀ®, we've expanded our material portfolio to include molding, photo dielectric, magnetic, and optoelectronics. To maintain our leadership in our specified industry, we are devoted to providing state-of-the-art material, technology know-how, and c