In 2021, Deca successfully launched the APDK™ (Adaptive Patterning® Design Kit) methodology which complements the AP Live ecosystem. Each APDK bundles a full set of automation, design rules, DRC decks, and templates into an integrated turn-key design flow. A library of templates with extensive automation guides the designer from initial layout thru Adaptive Patterning simulation and finally, through design sign-off using Siemens’ Calibre software. Deca licensees ASE and nepes have successfully implemented APDKs ushering in a new era of high-density, heterogeneous integration.

Deca’s groundbreaking Adaptive Patterning technology liberates designers and manufacturers from the constraints of fixed photomasks, allowing the production flow to account for natural variation without costly processes or design limitations. The new APDK framework provides a seamless flow to realize the power of Adaptive Patterning from design through production.