Over the last year, Deca has continued to put considerable effort into Diversity, Equity, and Inclusion. Deca has prioritized DEI training for HR staff; they are using those learnings to lead discussions and drive company policies in recruiting, advancement opportunities, and day-to-day work. An exciting milestone was full company participation in developing Deca’s DEI statement.

Deca has also consistently supported its employees in participating in DEI initiatives outside the company. In the last year this has included writing articles, participation in the iMAPS DEI committee, sponsoring a 3D InCites podcast and mural, and contributing to the 3D InCites DEI fund. This effort is also reflected in the company's demographics. As of early 2022, 50% of the executive staff at Deca are women, and 61% of the staff overall are from traditionally underrepresented groups.

As with most companies, there is plenty of room to grow, but Deca’s commitment to continual improvement in this area is worth recognizing.