Deca Technologies

2022 Edition. In SemiSister Award for DEI

In the last year, Deca has put considerable effort into DEI. I have been incredibly impressed with the willingness of our executive staff to support employees' efforts to learn and grow in this area. With the CEO’s approval, a group of employees formed a DEI working group. We have begun the process of eliminating alienating language from our code, such as “whitelist, blacklist, master and slave.” A small group attended a DEI training; they used what they learned to lead a discussion with the other Deca employees. I recognize that as both individuals and a company we have plenty of room to grow but I feel Deca’s commitment to continual growth in this area is worth noting. On a personal note, Deca is the first place in my engineering career that I haven’t felt discriminated against for being a woman, and to me that is huge. I cannot speak for everyone but I’ve talked to other team members from traditionally alienated backgrounds and they seem to share my sentiment.