Finetech’s high‐accuracy die bonders provide flexible solutions for precise & complex heterogeneous packaging applications - from R&D to production. Facilitating innovation & new product development are driving forces at Finetech and impelled a 2nd generation equipment series, despite the pandemic. In 2021, Finetech introduced the Fineplacer® Femto blu for automated micro assembly and Fineplacer® Pico2 for multi-purpose R&D.
A strong engineering team aids customer successes & creates effective solutions for specific applications. The long-term relationship continues after installation with customized training, equipment maintenance & on-site support. A class 1000 cleanroom was added to the New Hampshire facility, making it easier for customer sample bonding & application development.
Finetech navigated production challenges during Covid and successfully delivered products without significant delays as nearly the entire product development & production chain is realized internally.