Monozukuri S.p.A, became the first EDA company to offer the first commercially available IC/Package Co-Design Tool. GENIOTM revolutionized co-design landscape because it was the first to offer an integrated, design environment-agnostic, end-to-end IC and packaging co-design platform for 2D/2.5D/3D system design. GENIOTM integrated existing silicon and package EDA flows to create full co-design and I/O optimization of complex multi-chip designs for advanced heterogeneous microelectronic systems. It became the first tool to work across all existing EDA flows, to maximizing design efficiency and system optimization.
Since its introduction Monozukuri’s technology has continued to redefine the co-design of complex heterogeneous microelectronic systems, opening the door for newly unimagined functionality in next generation of futuristic semiconductor systems now underdevelopment in artificial intelligence, machine learning, virtual reality and the web-scale infrastructure.