Atotech is the leading total solution provider of advanced process chemicals, production equipment, software and service for the manufacturing of high-end electronics components, such as semiconductor chips, IC carriers, printed circuit boards, leadframes and connectors for diverse end-markets such as smartphones, computing, communication infrastructure and more. These critical components have become indispensable to create the electrical conductivity and functionality users demand, form higher data traffic volumes, speeds and frequency capacities to increased battery lifetime and ever-smaller devices. We continuously invest in R&D that enable us to deliver the most innovative and sustainable products, e.g. Spherolyte® Cu UF 5, a new and unique one-step approach to simultaneous high-purity Cu plating of different pillar dimensions in one die or PD-Core® and Aurotech® G-Bond 2, two new electrolytes that have the potential to revolutionize PCB final finishes due to their low precious metal content and universal applicability for ENIG, ENEPIG and EPAG.