A new and improved flex design is available that can support much higher density designs. This new flex can be as thin as 25µm with one metal layer and support pitch as low as 30µm, far exceeding the repeatability and reliability of existing solutions.
Current flex designs don't always match pad location, are malformed, and can be partially covered with solder mask/silkscreen. In the designs fabricated by CVInc, streets are also as narrow as 8µm supporting much higher density.
Current designs have gone through 100 roll and unroll cycles with no metal delamination.
The next-generation devices to be fabricated will have thinned dummy die to verify solderability integrity during roll cycles. This is the thinnest and most versatile flex substrate on the market. Panel Thickness <25µm, Dielectric down to 5 µm, Lines/Space = 5 µm! It is fully flexible.