Dr. Sangki Hong has spent most of his long career developing 3D ICs and other advanced packaging. His adventure in 3D began in 2001 with Tezzaron with hands-on development of copper diffusion wafer bonding at the fab in Singapore. He pioneered the technology, ran the fab, trained other engineers, and created patented techniques for alignment and bonding. When the fab moved to US, so did he, continuing to invent 3D bonding miracles. He guided Tezzaron’s creation of 3D stacks of 8 and then 16 wafers.
When NHanced was spun out from Tezzaron in 2017, Dr. Hong took over responsibilities for the fab in North Carolina. He interfaces with dozens of customers and oversees the integration of their 2.5 and 3D designs. He also applies his unique talents to the hard problems of assembling silicon with GaN, GaAs, InP, GaSb, LiNbO, and other materials.
Dr. Hong has developed more than 100 process flows for 3D integration, enabling Advanced Packaging to move beyond prototyping into full production.