With advanced packaging, the need for flexibility in wafer metrology and handling has exploded. Over the past year, FormFactor has doubled its installed metrology tool base with a major Taiwanese semiconductor manufacturer.
With its unique, multi-sensor concept, SurfaceSens™, FormFactor’s FRT MicroProf® AP measuring tool is ideally suited to perform a variety of measuring tasks in advanced packaging. SurfaceSens combines unique metrology and inspection measuring principles in one single tool to provide maximum flexibility. The fully automated wafer metrology tool can be used for a wide range of applications at different 3D packaging process steps, e.g. for the measurement of photoresist (PR) coatings and structuring, through silicon vias (TSVs) or trenches after etching, μ-bumps and Cu pillars, as well as for the measurement in thinning, bonding and stacking processes.