StratEdge's participation in the Mars rover missions began in 2003 with twin rovers Spirit and Opportunity, then again in 2011 with the Curiosity rover, and now with the Perseverance. StratEdge’s SE20 power amplifier packages are once again playing a key role in transmitting signals with information gathered from NASA's Mars rover missions back to earth. The key to success is the same as before, high-quality and high-reliability packages that can survive the extreme conditions on the journey and finally getting a good signal from Mars.

The power amplifier system was designed to protect the gallium arsenide monolithic microwave integrated circuits (MMICs) to ensure outstanding signal integrity. All signals that are transmitted go into the StratEdge package through the chip, and back out the package. It's critical that the package doesn't interfere with the signals produced by the MMIC, and StratEdge's proprietary package design minimizes signal loss so the MMIC performs optimally.