QP Technologies developed this process for customers who are in possession of individual die designed for flip chip, but not the custom substrates required to build the die and the test platform for testing the die on the custom substrates. With our Flip Chip to Wirebond Interposer Technique, we can economically and efficiently design and fab an interposer that can be used to mate the die into a standard off-the-shelf package, e.g., ceramic, Open-molded Plastic Package (OmPP), Open-cavity Plastic Package (OcPP), or even an existing custom substrate used by the customer for a prior-generation device. We create the interposer with matching bump landing pads that have traces extending out to wirebondable pads. Next, we take the flip chip die and bond it to the interposer, and we attach the bonded die on the interposer into the off-the-shelf package. Finally, we wirebond from the interposer to the package. The customer now has a standard package they can test or assemble to their board.