Severine is known worldwide for her work at CEA-Leti, developing processes, most notability wafer bonding processes, that furthered the course of 3D integration. She first joined CEA-Leti in 2008 as project lead. In 2011 she became 3D integration Lab Manager, and in 2017, became responsible for 3DIC integration strategy and business development at CEA-Leti. She also directed the Institute of Technological Research (ITR) 3D integration program, ITR Nanoelec As part of her work at Leti, she presented multiple papers at IMAPS and IEEE events, and organized an annual event to promote the work ITR Nanoelec. Chéramy holds an engineering degree in material science. She spent more than eight years at GEMALTO, a leading smart-card company developing technologies for secure solutions such as contactless smart cards & electronic passports.