In March 2019 at SEMICON China, ERS electronic presented the Manual Panel Debonding Machine (MPDM700), which was specifically designed for R&D laboratories, and pilot lines seeking a competitive approach to packaging while retaining flexibility for high density and heterogeneous integration. In 2020, despite the tough industry conditions, ERS continued to invest heavily in product research and development for the Fan-out space. As a result, the company will take it one step further this year by introducing the MPDM's automatic counterpart suitable for high volume manufacturing. A key feature of the APDM machine design is its size flexibility, which allows it to cater to the three most used panel sizes in the industry. It also features the ERS patented contactless transport system, the TriTemp slide, which can eliminate up to 10mm of warpage, thus addressing and solving a common issue faced in the Advanced Packaging process.