As the pioneer in wafer bonding, EV Group continuously sets new performance benchmarks in wafer bond alignment for next-gen applications. The SmartView® NT3 face-to-face bond aligner, which is available on EVG’s leading GEMINI® FB XT integrated fusion bonding platform for high-volume manufacturing applications, redefines what is possible in wafer bonding - helping the industry push the envelope in enabling stacked devices with greater density and performance, lower power consumption and smaller footprint.
The SmartView NT3 aligner was developed specifically for fusion and hybrid wafer bonding. It provides sub-50-nm wafer-to-wafer alignment accuracy (a 2-3X improvement) as well as significantly higher throughput compared to the previous generation.
The SmartView NT3 aligner provides unmatched wafer bonding performance and can meet future 3D-IC packaging requirements. Applications include flash memory stacking, 3D SoC, stacked backside illuminated CMOS image sensors and die partitioning.