Sensry GmbH, Dresden, Germany offers high level of flexibility for IoT-Modules, answering the ever-changing customer needs, is key for success in this market. Sensry, established in 2018, has a cooperation with Fraunhofer (development) and Globalfoundries (production). The company is a lean start-up, driving innovation in a highly insecure environment by implementing “Build-Measure-Learn” cycle between Idea, Product and Data. They offer a universal platform for all integrated smart secure sensors. Heart of the second product generation is an SoC developed by Sensry and manufactured by GF in 22nm FDX. The base module hosts the SoC and Passives in FOWLP 3D-SiP with TPV interconnect bus to the package backside. The IoT-Module is then customized by heterogeneous integration on package level allowing their customers fast Time-to-Market. Different to other solutions, the concept allows access to the latest wafer processing and packaging technologies for fast prototyping and ramp also for SMEs with initially small volumes.