Rohinni LLC makes beautiful light available anywhere. Its innovative, proprietary robotic process supersedes complex LED manufacture by placing mini- and microLEDs directly on virtually any substrate at unmatched speeds, and at a cost that enables high-volume manufacture of these ultrathin LED packages. Micro LEDs made using Rohinni technology are smaller, thinner, brighter, more accurate, and consume less power than any other currently available packaged LED products. Moreover, by removing manufacturing limitations, the Rohinni process is ideally suited for end products ranging from consumer electronics to automotive lighting to outdoor signage – the applications are virtually limitless. In the display space, Rohinni’s technology process is superior to both OLED and quantum dots. Rohinni has broad patent coverage for its microLED-based products, robotic placement equipment and manufacturing processes. Among its investors is Future Shape, led by Tony Fadell – inventor of the iPod, co-inventor of the iPhone, founder and former CEO of Nest Labs.