SPTS values and encourages gender diversity within our workforce with a variety of strategies aimed at attracting new talent and retaining staff, through equal opportunities, equal pay, training & support of their life-long career aspirations. In the past 7 years we have quadrupled the percentage of females in Operations/Engineering, and in 2018 females accounted for 15% of the company’s apprentices & 22% of the graduate engineers, compared to none in 2011. SPTS invests in leadership training to ensure employees can secure internal promotion. Flexible working practices enable employees to manage responsibilities outside the workplace & an enhanced maternity policy supports female staff during this important time.
We participate in the UK-wide STEM Ambassador Scheme, and 40% of our registered Ambassadors are female, providing inspirational role models at internal/external events with local schools/colleges/universities - promoting STEM careers & encouraging girls to enter our industry.