HSIO Technologies has developed an exciting new manufacturing process technology focused on Direct Die Attach Liquid Crystal Polymer dielectric material (LCP). HSIO's manufacturing partner Benchmark Electronics is establishing volume production capability that combines Substrate Fabrication, Direct Die Attach and Test During Assembly all within the same process loop to enable very high performance LCP substrates and rigid flex assemblies with Known Good Die challenges resolved. LCP has been used for RF-MW products due to its' excellent electrical properties, but it has suffered a bad reputation for delamination and difficult to process manufacturing. Aimed at applications like the DARPA CHIPS initiative, the HSIO LCP substrate technology provides up to 16-20 layers of LCP with a unique mask layer technique that allows for direct die attach, and the ability to embed active semiconductors, passive devices and coaxial-twinaxial high speed signal lines and RFantennae tuned for performance.