Product: MesoSPHERE Plasma System
Contaminants produced during semiconductor manufacturing often inhibit performance of downstream processes and reliability and can result in electrical failures. Plasma treatment can remove these contaminants, but the challenge has been to remove them in real-time, in high-speed, high-volume manufacturing environments, and to have a chamber and handling system to accommodate diverse wafer sizes and packages. This is especially true for 3D and wafer-level packaging processes such as fan-in, fan-out, wafer-level, and panel-level wafers and substrates. Nordson MARCH’s MesoSPHERE™ Plasma System, with its plasma confinement technology, solves those problems.
The MesoSPHERE is a plasma treatment system that enables very high throughput processing and can process 300mm wafers on frame and handle substrates up to 480mm. Its innovative handling system transfers round or square substrates and frame or bonded carriers. The modular design allows capacity increase on a per plasma chamber basis. Equipment front end module (EFEM) integration supports from 1 to 4 plasma chambers, while a pocket chuck design provides accurate substrate placement and centering for additional process repeatability.
Unique to the system is its patented W3 three-axis symmetrical plasma chamber which ensures that all areas of the wafer are treated equally and uniformly. Tight control over all process parameters gives highly repeatable results. The chamber design and control architecture enable short plasma cycle times with very low overhead for maximized throughput and minimized cost-of-ownership.