FRT GmbH – FRT MicroProf® FRT manufactures highly accurate tools for surface metrology. Our products combine multi-sensor technology and hybrid metrology in one measuring system. With the third generation of multi-sensor surface measuring devices, FRT is at the forefront of the market. The MicroProf® carries out a wide range of measurement tasks for 3D IC, Advanced Packaging and MEMS applications quickly, efficiently and intuitively. MicroProf®'s proven optical multi-sensor technology measures the topography,  and the total thickness or the film thickness of your samples without contact. Various optical measurement methods, which are only available as individual solutions elsewhere, have been combined into a universal, space-saving device. Depending on your requirements, the MicroProf® allows you to perform quick overview measurements of the entire sample, as well as high-resolution detail measurements down to the sub-nm range. This is made possible by the individual combinations of the sensors. Maintain flexibility for your future measurements and retrofit sensors easily and quickly, saving space, time and costs.