The Xpedition High-Density Advanced Packaging (HDAP) flow from Mentor, a Siemens Business, is the industry's first comprehensive solution for the design and verification of today's leading-edge IC designs. Comprising the industry-unique Xpedition Substrate Integrator tool, rapid prototyping of heterogeneous substrate package assemblies provides accurate "what-if" evaluations in hours versus days, compared to traditional tools and processes. And the new Xpedition Package Designer technology for physical package implementation ensures data synchronization for reliable design sign-off and verification. The HyperLynx technologies from Mentor are integrated with the Xpedition Package Design tool for 2.5D/3D simulation models and design rule checking (DRC) to find and correct design errors with accuracy before tape-out. Mentor's Calibre 3DSTACK technology, when integrated with the Xpedition Package Designer tool, enables complete sign-off verification for complete multi-die systems at any process node without breaking current tool flows and does not require new data formats. This results in significant time reduction to tape-out.