Invensas Technologies' ZiBond and DBI are at the forefront of enabling the adoption of wafer-to-wafer, die-to-die and die-to-wafer bonding in the volume production of CMOS image sensors, RF, MEMS, 3D IC and other semiconductor packaging applications.

ZiBond is a low temperature homogeneous (oxide to oxide) direct bonding technology that forms strong bonds between wafers or die with same or different coefficients of thermal expansion (CTE). The technology uniquely addresses the need to transfer material grown on a particular substrate, for lattice matching or process development to another substrate, for improved device performance.

DBI is a low temperature hybrid direct bonding technology that allows wafers, or die, to be bonded with exceptionally fine-pitch 3D electrical interconnect. DBI can minimize the need for Thru Silicon Vias (TSVs) and Thru Die Vias (TDVs) by forming interconnects at the bonded surface.

These advanced low temperature bonding technologies enable reduced manufacturing stress and enhance device reliability compared to other conventional bonding techniques, while also providing lower cost-of-ownership.