3D+  is inspired by heterogeneous integration. Our guest bloggers focus their expertise in 3D, MEMS, and compound semiconductors to investigate how all these technologies are heterogeneously integrated into next-generation applications.

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Thermal Metamaterials for Advanced Packaging Applications from Stanford University

Dense materials that exhibit high thermal conductivity are abundant in nature: think copper, think diamond, think silicon. And porous materials with low thermal conductivity also exist, or are easily fabricated: think polyimide, for example, or think of the various porous xerogels. But dense materials that are also thermal insulators, or porous materials that are good thermal conductors? Those are... »

MEPTEC Lunch newmeptecluncheon Rich Rice

Packaging, Innovation, and Our Application-Driven World

MEPTEC lunches, now known as the MEPTEC / IMAPS / SEMI Semiconductor Speaker Series Luncheon sponsored by Chip Scale Review, are on again in Silicon Valley. At the most recent lunch  in mid-March 2018, I was pleased to see that it was none other than Rich Rice, VP Business Development, ASE US, delivering his view on Packaging Innovation for our Application-Driven World Rich’s thesis: that, desp... »

IMAPS DPC 2018 Dance Chris at DPC 2018

5G: Off the Fence Rail and into the Ring at IMAPS DPC 2018

The cynic inside often thinks “All hat, no cattle” about the newest new, new thing (right, Michael Lewis?). But if you were to consult the Gartner Hype Cycle listings from 2008 as I just did you would find, perhaps to your surprise, that Cloud Computing, 3-D Printing, Solid-State Drives, and Augmented Reality are now things, having made it past 2008’s inflated expectations, and the disillusi... »

Seoul Olympics Night Skinny Seoul Olympics Night Seoul Snow ASE SEMICON Korea SEMICON Korea Ends

Citius, Altius, Fortius Redux: More From SEMICON Korea 2018

The Winter Games are over and the athletes returned home, and the SEMICON Korea 2018 teams from February have their sights on SEMICON China this month after all that snow-in-Seoul settled, but I still have a few more comments about the Electropackage System and Interconnect Product technical session SEMI organized for the afternoon of 01 February 2018, and on which I reported in my first installme... »

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Citius, Altius, Fortius: Packaging Topics at SEMICON Korea 2018

Winter 2018, and Korea is at the center of the world in both sports and in electronics. Sports, of course, because of PyeongChang, host city for the 23rd Olympic Winter Games, with participants ranging from Eritrea to Tonga, along with the usual cold-weather-country (Norway, Canada, Sweden, etc.) players who showed up for the Games. And electronics, of course, specifically semiconductor device fab... »

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Continental Drifts or Tectonic Shifts? Advanced Packaging 2017

That’s great it starts with an earthquake … R.E.M. Boxing Day 2017 ended with an earthquake in Silicon Valley, at 10:32 pm, a magnitude 3.9 temblor near Alum Rock I thought could have been my neighbor dropping something heavy in the apartment upstairs, except that nobody lifts and drops anything that heavy, for that long, in the building where I live. No reports of damage, but the shaking came... »

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SEMICON West 2017: The Semiconductor Industry at a Young 50

The semiconductor industry is acting quite young for its age. And that’s just not me saying it; over and over again during SEMICON West 2017 I heard some variation of the phrase “We’re just getting started.” What was it that accounted for the upbeat and buoyant mood at SEMICON West 2017 this month, despite Moscone South Hall being a gaping hole clear down to the basement as a result of Sou... »

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Heterogeneous Integration Makes an End Run Around 7nm Silicon at SEMI ASMC 2017

I like to think that someday soon a perfectly ripe tomato growing on a vine is going to signal its condition via the 5G network to an AI who knows I love heirloom tomatoes at their peak; my AI will place an order for me based on standing instructions (after first confirming I am indeed expected home that evening, and that I already don’t have too many heirlooms on the counter), and an autonomous... »

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MEMS Ascendant at IMAPS Device Packaging 2017

Semiconductor device fabrication and packaging is rife with acronyms, and by my estimate, the Top 3 trafficked by speakers at the recent IMAPS Device Packaging Conference were the acronyms FOWLP, FOPLP, and MEMS. That would be fan-out wafer level packaging, fan-out panel level packaging, and microelectromechanical systems, respectively. It wasn’t that IMAPS was a MEMS packaging conference in the... »

Eva Pagneux evahexo IMG_4164

Executive Viewpoint: Next-Gen Drone Technologies Rely on Semiconductor Innovation

Robotics and drone technologies are one of the fastest growing end-use markets for integrated sensor technology today. According to a 2016 Yole Développement market report, the 2015 $351M US sensor market for drones and robots is expected to double by 2021, reaching US$ 709 million at a 12.4% CAGR. Key technologies include 3D cameras, solid state light detection and ranging (LIDAR), and ultra-pre... »

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