As part of the 2022 IMAPS Device Packaging Conference, the IMAPS Global Business Council (GBC) devoted its 2022 session to the DoDs State-of-the-art (SOTA) Heterogeneous Integrated Packaging (SHIP) Program. The SHIP program is funded by the Office of the Under Secretary of Defense (OUSD).

Crane Naval Center

SHIP Program director Daren Crum, of the Crane Naval Center, explained the goals of the program. Since 2018 the DoD has sought to modernize our key technical capabilities. To address the development of such required SOTA technologies, the trusted and assured microelectronics program seeks to:

  • Support microelectronics modernization of the DoD, reducing reliance on obsolete technologies
  • Develop access to SOTA microelectronics technology, including advanced packaging and test through current or future onshore capabilities

The goals of the SHIP program are specifically to:

  • Develop a U- based, economically viable, SOTA heterogeneous integration and packaging capability for DoD system performance enhancement and assurance/security applications, which currently do not exist.
  • Provide sustainable, quantifiably assured SOTA advanced packaging access to the DoD and defense industrial base (DIB).

The SHIP program specifically addresses both digital and Rf packaging technologies through the program leads Intel and Qorvo, respectively.

The key focus of the SHIP digital program includes:

  • Multichip packaging products utilizing Intel’s commercial packaging, assembly, and test
  • Create a catalog of available designs, die, chiplets, package types etc.
  • Reuse and standardization
  • Creation of demonstrators that use the SOTA technology
  • Adoption and use in military systems (transition the technology into actual products)
SHIP Program
Figure 1: The DoD’s SHIP Program.

The key focus of the SHIP Rf program led by Qorvo includes:

  • Design, packaging, and assembly as an onshore service
  • Reshoring mature manufacturing, assembly, and test such as the high-volume flip-chip capability
  • Enable access to advanced Rf packages by providing a full suite of design tools, advanced packaging platforms, and a wide selection of materials choices
  • Allow DoD and DIB access to this commercial design flow through PDKs and ADK to design custom devices

Intel – Digital SHIP Program

John Sotir, of Intel, gave a presentation explaining the Intel SHIP digital program. The Intel program goals are stated as developing “…prototypes of multichip packages and accelerating the advancement of interface standards, protocols and security for heterogeneous systems.”

Intel will use its toolbox of advanced packaging technologies to develop unique custom multichip packages (MCPs)

Intel Digital SHIP program

Figure 2: Intel’s advanced packaging toolbox will be available for customized MCMs.

Qorvo – Rf SHIP Program

Ted Jones of Qorvo described its SHIP RF program. The program based in Richardson TX is divided into the SHIP design center (DC), the SHIP Assembly and Test Center (ATC) and the SHIP Advanced technology development center.

The Qorvo ATC will be a US-based assembly and test factory offering access to SOTA manufacturing technologies at commercially competitive pricing. It will be based on Qorvo-proven commercial SOTA packaging technologies running at high volume manufacturing (HVM) rates offshore.

Qorvo’s SHIP program
Figure 3: Qorvo’s SHIP RF design center.

The DC and ATC roadmaps are shown in Figure 4.


Figure 5: Embedded glass interposer with through glass vias.

Its advanced technology program focus is built around the rigid core interposer shown in Figure 5.

The Supply Infrastructure

The second part of this session consisted of presentations from Mercury Systems (Tom Smelker), Skywater (Jim Will), and Micross (John Lannon); US sources of advanced packaging and assembly technologies that have shown an active desire to support US government microelectronic requirements.

As we have discussed before,  Skywater is showing a roadmap that contains most of the current technology requirements for advanced packaging coming on line over the next few years.

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Editor’s Note: To learn more, listen to the podcast episode featuring interviews with Darrin Crum, Tom Smelker, John Lannon, and Jim Will.

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