Kulicke and Soffa Industries, Inc. announced the introduction of APAMA (Advanced Packaging with Adaptive Machine Analytics), the Company’s new Chip-to-Substrate (C2S) bonder that answers today’s thermo-compression bonding challenges. The APAMA was designed with performance and accuracy in mind, delivering the best-in-class die-stacking solution for 2.5D / 3D or TSV integrated chips.

The key highlights:

  • Placement Accuracy: The APAMA’s direct-drive Z-axis bond head enables precise motion control for accurate placement with both low and high bond force.
  • Yield Enhancement: APAMA’s extensive integrated inspection and metrology suite will accelerate the ramp to production. Inspection stations are strategically placed to detect and prevent defects from propagating. On tool overlay metrology, coupled with advanced analytics, will detect any potential process drift.
  • Cost-of-Ownership Advantage: The APAMA has excellent temperature control at the work and tool surfaces. It also offers industry-leading, fully programmable, fast, heating and cooling ramp rates for maximum throughput.

Patrick Desjardins, Director of the Advanced Packaging Product Line, stated, “With its flexible and portable recipe set-up, the APAMA will easily adapt to any production environment. It will address multiple processes such as Non-Conductive Film (NCF), Non-Conductive Paste (NCP) or Thermo-Compression Capillary Underfill (TC CUF) with the highest throughput at the needed accuracy.  The integrated metrology and advanced analytics will enable advanced process control and guarantee the highest quality. Customer evaluations and qualifications are well underway as we are getting ready for production.”

Tong Liang Cheam, Kulicke & Soffa’s Vice President of Strategic Marketing and Business Development, said, “K&S is strongly committed to the Advanced Packaging Program that the Company started in 2012.  K&S has also shown its commitment to the program by investing in people.  On our growing Advanced Packaging Team, we have 120 development engineers across our three R&D sites – all dedicated to the program, plus product marketing managers, field application engineers, and regional product managers placed in strategic countries.”

The APAMA debuted at the SEMICON Taiwan show at the Taipei World Trade Center Nangang Exhibition Hall, Booth #642, from September 3-5, 2014.

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