The first European 3D TSV Summit (January 22-23, 2013) hasn’t even happened yet, and already its intended message is becoming clear: Europe is ready to tackle those remaining issues and lead the world down the home stretch. It makes sense, since Europe’s R&D centers (imec, CEA Leti, Fraunhofer IZM) has been leading the way from the beginning, its foundries and IDMs (ST Microelectronics and ams AG) were pioneers in incorporated TSVs into image sensor devices, and most of the manufacturing equipment needed to get the job done came out of European suppliers like EV Group, SUSS MicroTec, SPTS, and Besi. The more I read about it, the more excited I am to be a part of this upcoming event that will bring together not just the European leaders, but other innovators from around the world who share the goal of bring 3D IC integration to commercialization.

In a recent post, 3D TSV: Ready for Manufacturing?  SEMI’s Yann Guillou gives a bit of historical perspective of Europe’s involvement, and calls for global involvement at the upcoming 3D TSV Summit to take us the rest of the way. Heinz Kundert, President of SEMI Europe, echoes some of Yann Guillou’s sentiments in The Battle for Progress in 3D Integration, talking about SEMI’s efforts ongoing yet challenging efforts to facilitate communication between manufacturers, suppliers, research institutions, system OEMs, and other stakeholders. He mentions progress in standards efforts. The SEMI sponsored European 3D TSV Summit will focus on manufacturing aspects of 3D integration and TSVs.

If the latest promotional piece, featuring an overview of the keynote speakers, hasn’t made it to your email box, you can view it here. Here’s a tip – if your planning on registering for the event, but haven’t yet – do it now. The price goes up on December 1. You’ll find the link to do that on this page, as well as a link to the full agenda. Hope to see you there! ~ F.v.T.


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