SUSS MicroTec, a supplier of equipment and process solutions for the semiconductor and related markets, launched the RCD8, a new manual Resist Coat and Develop Platform for substrates. The new platform  is said to offer a high application variety coupled with low investment costs as well as an easy transfer of processes from the RCD8 manual platform to a SUSS MicroTec production tool.

The RCD8 is reportedly the only tool in the market that offers the option to convert from a spin coater with the patented GYRSET closed cover coating technology to a spray developer within a few minutes. This coat and develop platform can be custom tailored anywhere from e.g. a basic manual spin coater to a semi-automated GYRSET enhanced coater and puddle & spray developer tool, serving for daily R&D work up to small scale production.

In the past multiple dedicated tools of the Delta Series were used for specific applications in MEMS, advanced packaging, LED or the R&D market. The different types of tools are now brought together in the RCD8 platform, which covers all necessary coating and developing processes for these applications.

As an additional option the patented GYRSET rotating closed cover coating technology can be integrated into the RCD8 spin coating module. For various photoresists and applications, the GYRSET technology enables a wider process window and reduces material consumption significantly. Furthermore this technology allows even square substrates and pieces to be coated all the way to the corners with a homogenous resist thickness.

‘Whenever process changes are required over time, this versatile tool can be field upgraded with various options to perfectly meet the actual needs of our customers’, says Frank P. Averdung, President and CEO of SUSS MicroTec. ‘With its large variety of available chucks and configurations, literally all kind of substrate materials and shapes can be coated and developed on the RCD8.’

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