10/06/2016 -10:00 am - 1:30 pm

Location: SUNY Polytechnic / CNSE: (South Rotunda)

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Over the past several years, the industry has debated the state of Moore’s Law. With many saying that it has reached its end, the industry is considering the use of large area rectangular panels rather than round, reconstituted wafers. This approach called fan-out panel level packaging,  offers fundamental cost advantages due to an economy of scale. Depending on panel size, a significantly large number of devices can be processed on a single substrate.

In addition, the inherent inefficiencies with regards to the surface area related to the round shape of reconstituted wafers can be avoided when rectangular or square panels are used. Opposite to that, the equipment infrastructure within the advanced packaging supply chain today is mainly based on processing 300mm round wafers and substrates. New equipment which can process these large panels is required. Although most of these process tools are readily available from the flat panel display industry, some of the typical advanced packaging process requirements such as thick resist lithography and copper electroplating require the development of some new equipment capabilities.

Our panel of experts will discuss the opportunities and challenges in pursuing this paradigm shift, the implications of WLP and FO-WLP, and the supply chain scale up required to make it happen.

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