06/22/2015 - 06/23/2015 -All Day

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3D IC is emerging as a promising approach to extend Moore’s law, overcome pin bandwidth limitations, and improve digital platform density and cost beyond a single chip. 3D IC as a technology, however, also introduces a number of key design, methodological, implementation and technological challenges that must be overcome to make them practical and cost-effective.

The 8th Workshop on Design for 3D Silicon Integration (D43D) is a two-day forum that brings together experts from both industry and academia to shed light on these near-term to long-term challenges and solutions, and covers topics including, but not limited to, applications requiring 3D, 3D processor, 3D memory, interconnect architectures, thermal management, design methodologies and tools, reliability and testing.

Workshop Overview:
For the first time this year, a new event, IRTNano-C2MI workshop, also dedicated to 3D technology, co-organized by LETI, C2MI (Micro Innovation Collaborative Center) and Sherbrooke University will take place during the LetiDays on 22 June, and will be co-located with the D43D’2015 event. The IRTNano-C2MI will bring a special focus on new paradigms for 3D integration and packaging while D43D will bring an overview of recent trends in 3D, from 3D technology, 3D CAD tools, 3D architecture, and 3D applications. The objective is to bring experts from both the industry and the academia to share recent results on 3D technologies.

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