02/11/2021 -12:00 am

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Amkor invites you to join us at the MEPTEC Too Hot to Test Virtual Workshop on February 9-10. Amkor’s Andrei Berar, Sr. Director, Test Business will be presenting “Creative Cooling Techniques for Package-Level Testing.”


This presentation describes the thermal management and operations challenges of testing packaged integrated circuits (ICs) and microelectromechanical systems (MEMS) devices. Its focus is on device thermal conditioning to simulate the extreme conditions in which the devices will operate, and some of the existing solutions introduced for volume production will also be provided. A growing portfolio of integrated circuits that present significant challenges are high-power devices – generally designated as devices that operate with minimum 100W and have roadmaps to +500W. The presentation will address this class of devices and their special test requirements.

Today’s integrated circuits take advantage of a variety of packaging technologies. During manufacturing, each IC device must be electrically tested at elevated and depressed temperatures (typically -55°C to 160°C) before shipment to properly sort them by performance (i.e., clock speed). This final testing also determines general characteristics, such as whether a device is defective or meets minimal functional performance specifications, primarily for automotive products.

As a provider of turnkey manufacturing processes and premiere automotive devices, Amkor continues to face challenges related to large production volumes and optimized operation costs necessary to provide IC devices economically and profitably. The challenges that need to be addressed are outlined below, but not limited to:

  • – Achieve temperature accuracy within ±2oC
  • – Minimize temperature stabilization time
  • – Reduce the maintenance and change over time
  • – Utilize a small footprint chiller
  • – Minimize facility requirements
  • – Achieve high parallelism with uniform temperature
  • – Accomplish rapid temperature cycles

Considering the large variety of packages and given the trend towards more stringent requirements, there is no one solution that can be generally used. Instead, Amkor has an aggressive roadmap for evaluating and implementing creative best-in-class solutions, either developed internally or by partnering with established suppliers. Techniques to be detailed in the presentation will address some of these challenges, including solutions for:

  • – Automatic test controller and chiller with no liquid nitrogen (LN2)
  • – Chamber-less cold testing
  • – MEMS multi-sites environmental testing
  • – Small footprint environmental testing for large parallelism memory products
  • – Tri-temperature testing in one insertion