ASE's VIPack™

2023 Edition. In Device Technology of the Year

ASE’s VIPack™ is a scalable platform that will expand in alignment with industry roadmaps. It comprises six core packaging technology pillars supported by a comprehensive and integrated co-design ecosystem. These include ASE’s high-density RDL-based Fanout Package-on Package (FOPoP), Fanout Chip-on-Substrate, (FOCoS), Fanout Chip-on-Substrate-Bridge (FOCoS-Bridge), and Fanout System-in-Package (FOSiP) as well as Through Silicon Via (TSV)-based 2.5D and 3D IC and Co-Packaged Optics processing capabilities. The VIPack™ platform delivers the dense horizontal and vertical interconnect solutions required to interconnect disaggregated SoCs (System-on-Chip) and HBM (High Bandwidth Memory) used for leading-edge HPC, AI, ML, and Network applications. High-speed networking is also being challenged with several complex components for optical packaging that require VIPack™ innovation to bring these components together in a vertical structure for both space and performance enablement.