NHanced Semiconductors

2022 Edition. In Device Manufacturer of the Year

Under the leadership of 3D pioneer, Bob Patti, NHanced Semiconductor is a US-based design and manufacturing innovator with extensive experience in 3D-ICs, silicon interposers, 2.5D, chiplets, additive silicon manufacturing, photonics, microfluidics, and other innovative solutions. In 2021, NHanced expanded the cleanroom of its North Carolina foundry to house a new high-volume line of advanced packaging (AP) equipment. The new line – the first of its kind in the US – will run in parallel with the existing prototyping and low volume production line. The company also opened a new office in the Westgate Technology Park in Oden, Indiana, adjacent to the Naval Surface Warfare Center – Crane Division. The site will focus on “Foundry 2.0” – a new manufacturing model for custom integrated circuits.