Deca’s Adaptive Patterning (AP) technology liberates designers and manufacturers from the constraints of fixed photomasks, allowing the production flow to account for natural variation without costly processes or design limitations. By combining a high-speed and accurate optical position inspection with a scalable computing cluster, AP generates a bespoke layout for each individual device that compensates for measured positional error. After each pattern is generated, it is converted into digital exposure data for implementation with maskless laser direct imaging (LDI) equipment.
In the previous year, Adaptive Patterning has been implemented, proven, and ramped into high volume production for 600mm FO-PLP. This major accomplishment attests to the power of AP to overcome the challenging die-shift problem of large formats. With the removal of natural variation by Adaptive Patterning, fine-pitch heterogeneous integration at the scale of panel-level manufacturing is becoming reality.