Fraunhofer IZM: Panel Level Packaging Consortium 2.0

2022 Edition. In Research Institute of the Year

In 2016, Fraunhofer IZM teamed up with a group of industry leaders from Europe, the US, and Asia to develop the fundamental processes for new PLP technologies that are ready to transition to industrial-scale high-volume production.
With the second consortium launched for 2020–2022, again with 17 industry partners, the focus has shifted to investigating the physical limits of fan-out panel level packaging (FOPLP). This includes topics like warpage and die shift, adaptive patterning, ultra-fine-line wiring down to 2 µm L/S with a potential move to 1 µm. Migration effects of fine line wiring are also investigated. Cost and environmental modelling accompany the technological research.
New equipment for PLP has been installed and the project benefits from several major investments made by the German Government, allowing Fraunhofer IZM to establish a unique PLP infrastructure for current and future research topics.