Mosaic Microsystems

2021 Edition. In Startup of the Year

Mosaic Microsystems is a NY-based startup focused on enabling thin glass solutions for microelectronic and photonic applications. Mosaic has introduced the Viaffirm(tm) temporary bond solution to enable thin glass handling. This approach provides a clean, temporary bond that interfaces extremely well with existing supply chain processes and equipment and unlocks the value glass brings for high frequency applications, particularly for 5G and military communications. The technology can be broadly applied to not only RF antenna/filters etc, but also well suited for interposers, MEMS and sensors and has recently been shown to provide hermetic TGV. Mosaic has recently executed a seed round of ~$2.5M and received technology development awards from the National Science Foundation and the Air Force Research Lab to develop solutions for heterogeneous integration for 30-300 GHz, substrates for electrically steerable antenna and radar arrays.