2020 Edition. In Startup of the Year

Startup SVXR has developed the first fully automated, inline x-ray inspection system for detecting 100% of defects in advanced IC Packages. Inspecting up to 10,000 solder connections per second, the X200 detects random defects and process variations in all types of advanced packages, including 2.5D, stacked die, high-density SiP’s and micro-bump FC. The X200 interfaces to the production line for seamless integration, and is fully SECS/GEM compatible. Operating over 100x faster than existing x-ray systems, the SVXR X200’s unique x-ray inspection technology is not only faster but safer than traditional x-ray inspection for sensitive IC’s, including DRAM and CMOS.

In 2019, SVXR’s X200 tool was released to the market and successfully installed in multiple production sites in Taiwan, Korea, and Japan. By enabling continuous quality monitoring and real-time defect detection, the X200 improves quality, increases yield, reduces costs, and shortens time to market for advanced IC packages.