Annette Teng, Ph.D. CTO of Promex Industries

2020 Edition. In Engineer of the Year

As CTO of Promex Industries in Santa Clara, Dr. Annette Teng has made key contributions to the company’s packaging technology. Her fundamental knowledge has enabled Promex to provide world-class wafer- and substrate-processing capabilities. She has further developed highly innovative, custom processes to meet customers’ unique requirements. As a strong advocate, sponsor and mentor of Promex interns, Dr. Teng has influenced their success –- either when returning to their studies or in remaining at Promex to make valuable contributions to the engineering team.

Dr. Teng is highly active in the packaging community. She has served as an officer of the Santa Clara Chapter of the IEEE Electronics Packaging Society (EPS), and received the 2018 EPS Regional Contributions Award for Regions 1-6, 7 and 9. With ASE’s Dr. Bill Chen, she co-chaired the Heterogeneous Integration Roadmap (HIR) Working Group on Single-Chip and Multi-Chip Integration and is co-organizing the 3rd annual HIR Symposium.