Since the launch of Genmark’s new high capacity storage tool, CODEX, IDM manufacturers have recognized the benefits of Genmark’s new product due to its capabilities in meeting evolving market demands. CODEX includes valuable features such as highest storage volume of substrates due to its novel rotary “carousel” module and editable library retrieval system for more effective tracking. The Gantry robot allows for substantial extended range and all the system exceeds ISO Class 1 compliance. The CODEX can be configured for a throughput performance of up to 400 I/O wafer per hour. It is also designed to have an optional bay inside the storage system where a metrology unit of the customer’s choice can be installed.
The system not only comes in 300mm format, but has the versatility to be used for 150mm and 200mm Fabs. It also has the unique ability of storing a mixture of these substrates within one system. Genmark’s team with more than 30 years of experience continues to adapt applications