Intevac, Inc.

2018 Edition. In Equipment Supplier of the Year

Intevac developed barrier/seed layer processes for fan-out wafer level packaging and fan-out panel level packaging redistribution layer formation on its carrier-based linear transport PVD system, MATRIX PVD, using a process sequence of degas – pre-clean – Ti PVD – Cu PVD. Each of the process modules on MATRIX is optimized to accommodate high throughputs and short takt times in order to produce Cost of Ownership advantages in fan-out packaging over the per-wafer or per-panel costs of the PVD cluster tools that are the current Process of Record in the advanced packaging industry. And by using dedicated wafer, or dedicated panel, carriers in the MATRIX system, it’s easy to change from running multiple 300mm fan-out wafers to running large panels for fan-out panel level packaging; the switch is made solely by changing the carrier itself, without making any in-vacuum adjustments for either the wafers or the panels.