2018 Edition. In Process of the Year

Semblant’s MobileShield delivers a proven, cost-effective solution to combat water damage and corrosion, the leading causes of mobile phone damage. With approximately 25% of smartphones being returned due to liquid and mechanical damage during use, repairing damaged smartphones costs the industry around $30 million per year.
MobileShield allows users to benefit from longer device life and the freedom to take their smartphones almost anywhere. For smartphone manufacturers, there are significant economic benefits; in addition to giving devices a first line of defense against common sources of damage, MobileShield coatings also enable repair at the component level. This substantially reduces device replacement expenditures for consumers, retailers and manufacturers alike.
Having recently achieved IPX 7 certification, protecting mobiles against the effect of water immersion at 1-meter depth for 30 minutes, the only nanocoating company to do so, MobileShield has seen widespread adoption by the world’s mobile makers in 2017. The company are currently working with 9 of the top 11 smartphone manufacturers in the world on its nanocoating technology, having delivered high-volume manufacturing lines in five facilities in China, including the top two smartphone contract manufactures in the world.