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Lam’s Syndion® is the best-in-class system for deep silicon etch, with advanced chamber technology enabling high performance with excellent productivity. It supports a range of cutting-edge applications for both CMOS image sensor (CIS) and through-silicon via (TSV) markets.

Key requirements for deep silicon etch processes are to simultaneously deliver high etch rates, excellent uniformity (both across-wafer and depth), smooth sidewalls, and low sidewall damage.

Lam’s Syndion etch system offers differentiated capabilities that allow for:
• Fast switching between phases of the rapid alternating process (RAP), higher etch rates, better depth uniformity, and smoother sidewalls
• Advanced gas distribution and center-to-edge tuning to enhance across-wafer uniformity
• Advanced productivity, leveraging Lam’s market leadership in the conductor etch space (e.g., success of Lam’s Kiyo etch product family)

With a library of technical solutions, a history of collaboration, and an active roadmap to support customers’ most stringent requirements, Syndion sets benchmarks for etch uniformity and productivity at top CIS customers for critical deep trench isolation (DTI) etch and at memory customers for TSV etch.

With leading market share for both CIS and TSV critical deep silicon etch, Lam’s Syndion is considered to be the lowest-risk deep silicon etch solution available today.