2013 3D InCites Awards Winners Circle

2013 3D InCites Awards Winners Circle

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Design Tools

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Mentor Graphics: Xpedition Package Integrator

Xpedition® Package Integrator provides a holistic co-design methodology that automates planning and optimization of connectivity from a chip through multiple packaging variables, while targeting multiple PCB platforms. Engineers can quickly and easily assemble complete cross-domain systems (IC, package & board) and drive ball map plans and pin optimization through a rule-based methodology. Te... »

Manufacturing Equipment


Lam Research: SABRE 3D

SABRE® 3D is a next-generation electroplating product designed to meet leading-edge production requirements for advanced packaging applications.  This product leverages proprietary front-end manufacturing technology and offers market-specific solutions for copper pillar and through-silicon via (TSV) fabrication.  SABRE 3D offers industry-leading throughput along with reduced cost of consumabl... »

nordson-asymtek-tilt-and-rotate-500pix Programmable Tilt + Rotate 5-Axis Fluid Dispenser

Nordson ASYMTEK: Programmable Tilt + Rotate 5-Axis Fluid Dispenser

Nordson ASYMTEK’s programmable Tilt + Rotate 5-Axis Fluid Dispenser dispenses using 5 axes instead of 3. The X and Y tilt enables dispensing from a vertical position, varying tilt angles to all sides of a component and up to the top of a 3D stacked die with high precision and positional accuracy. Testimonial Jet dispensing of capillary underfill fluid is a standard process for producing semicond... »


SPTS: Sigma fxP PVD with Multi-Wafer Degas

SPTS’s Sigma® fxP, is a well established PVD system used in advanced packaging applications such as UBM and RDL. It utilizes batch degas technology that can improve Rc whilst maintaining high throughputs, despite the outgassing challenges posed from the increasing use of organics, such as mold in Fan-Out WLP. Testimonial Fan-Out Wafer Level Packaging (FOWLP) technology is an increasingly popula... »

evg-gemini-fb-xt GEMINI®FB XT Automated Production Fusion Bonding System

EV Group: GEMINI®FB XT Automated Production Fusion Bonding System

The GEMINI®FB XT fusion wafer bonding platform features up to a 3X improvement in wafer-to-wafer bond alignment accuracy as well as a 50% increase in throughput over the previous industry benchmark platform. These performance breakthroughs clear several key hurdles to the industry’s adoption of 3D-IC/TSV technology. Testimonial According to the ITRS, high-density TSV applications require wa... »


TC-3040 TC3040 copy

Dow Corning: Thermally Conductive Gel TC-3040

TC-3040 is designed for advanced flip chip devices requiring improved heat dissipation.  The material features a combination of low modulus and high elongation – enabling it to accommodate warpage-induced stresses.  Key to the improved thermal performance : low contact resistance that silicones are known for, along with proprietary filler technology. Testimonial While advanced 2.5D or 3D... »


Dow Electronic Materials: SOLDERON™ BP TS 6000 Tin-Silver Chemistry

SOLDERON™ BP TS 6000 Tin-Silver is a lead-free chemistry for solder bump applications. From a single formulation, it is capable of plating speeds of 2-9+ µm/min, tunable composition and the industry’s most robust process window. This flexibility makes it ideal for applications from C4 bumping to micro-Cu pillar capping. Testimonial In the latest 2.5D and 3D packaging schemes utilizing copper ... »

wafer-flux Wafer Flux WS-3543

Indium Corporation: Wafer Flux WS-3543

Indium Corporation’s wafer bumping flux WS-3543 is a low-viscosity semiconductor-grade flux, specifically optimized for uniform solder bump formation across wafers up to 300mm (12 inches) in diameter. WS-3543 washes off completely, even after repeated application, reflow, and cleaning cycles, as may be seen in bump rework and after probe testing. Testimonial Indium Corporation’s wafer bumping ... »

676015 Dynastrip Dl9150

Dynaloy: Dynastrip DL9150

The newly released Dynastrip™ DL9150 is a non-TMAH containing multi-purpose photoresist and post-etch residue remover. With outstanding cleaning and metal compatibility, this product raises the bar for achieving environmental, health, and safety compliance while also performing as well as comparable products that contain TMAH. Testimonial: Dynaloy’s new solvent, Dynastrip DL9150, has demonstra... »

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