Day One: I’m not sure if it’s because it was the Monday after a U.S. holiday weekend, or just a Monday, but things seemed a bit slow out of the gate. I posted the first questions and waited. Paul Lindner of EV Group jumped right in on a positive note, pointing out that 3D IC is moving from a purely R&D phase into the first level industrial phase. Bob Patti of Tezzaron concurred, saying that his company is seeing an increase in customers trying their first 3D devices. You can follow and participate in this discussion here: 3D IC’s position along the technology curve.

Day Two
Bob Patti really held court yesterday and kept the discussions moving, offering his insight on all the questions. I was happy to see several participants post responses as well.Yann Guillou of ST Ericsson, joined in this conversation: If nine-die stacks can be done with wire bonding, why go to TSV?
And Sudarshan Krishnamoorthy of Synopsis asked about thermal dissipation issues
in the discussion, What problems does 3D solve?

So far, discussions have collectively drawn 414 views from 58 registered participants. The hottest topic so far talks about what problems 3D solves, and why is it better than just scaling. Here’s what’s exciting about this new format. It really spans the time zones, and allows for folks to get involved as their time allows.

I encourage all of my
readers to join in. You don’t need to wait for the panelist to respond. If you have something to add, go for it! That’s what this is all about.
The discussions continue through July 24.– F.v.T.

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