2021 3D Test Workshop Panel Session


As the industry moves to new architectures to achieve the economic gains previously achieved with scaling, a new era of chiplets, including 3D ICs is emerging. Despite new names for packaging options, some issues remain — including test. The availability of known-good parts and a test strategy is still important. Co-design and design-for-test are essential. Developing a solution to allow the use of open market chiplets requires new strategies. This panel examines some of the issues related to test including alternatives to probing, developments in die sort, increased adoption of BIST, and the role of redundancy.

Moderator:Jan Vardaman – President – TechSearch International (USA)

Panelists: Dave Armstrong – Director of Business Development – Advantest (USA);
Paul Franzon – Professor, Director of Graduate Programs – NCSU (USA);
Gerard John – Sr. Director of Adv. Eng. Services – Amkor Technologies (USA);
Bob Patti – President – NHanced Semiconductors (USA);
John Yi – Principal Member of Technical Staff Product/Test Eng. – AMD (USA)

More Content from the 3D Test Workshop is available for free here.