2018 Edition. In Materials Supplier of the Year

Semblant has established itself as the global leader in protective nanocoatings in the electronics industry over the last 12 months. The company has seen rapid and widespread adoption of their MobileShield technology, a repeatable, sustainable, cost-effective nanocoating solution that protects mobile phones from water damage and corrosion, the leading causes of mobile devices. Consumers spent $23 billion repairing devices in 2017 alone.
Semblant is working with 9 of the top 11 smartphone manufacturers in the world to protect the world’s latest flagship mobile devices, having achieved Ingress Protection (IPX) 7 certification for MobileShield in 2017. IPX 7 verifies protection against the effect of water immersion at 1-meter depth for 30 minutes, providing consumers with the highest level of robustness and product assurance for their mobile devices, the only nanocoating company to do so. Over the past year Semblant has also opened a dedicated Customer Innovation Center in Shenzhen, China, home to the world’s leading smartphone manufacturers. The center is currently supporting Semblant’s growing partner and customer base in China, with the company having delivered high-volume manufacturing lines for its MobileShield solution in five facilities in China, including the top two smartphone contract manufactures in the world.
Semblant also expanded their nanocoating technology by launching CircuitShield, delivering sustainable, streamlined and cost-effective protective solutions for semiconductor devices and printed circuit boards (PCBs), bringing value to such applications as wearables, medical devices, automotive, aerospace and many more.