2018 Edition. In Process of the Year

F.A.S.T., by KOBUS, is combining the best of CVD and ALD deposition worlds: high deposition rate, high conformality, process flexibility, low process temperature performance & tool simplicity. Already demonstrating its uniqueness for TSV application, the F.A.S.T. deposition solution is becoming the reference when thick and conformal films are needed in applications such as advanced interconnects, photonics on IC, MEMS, 3D LED, µ-displays and much more. Moreover, it allows combining 3 deposition modes in one single reactor: PECVD, Pulsed PECVD, and PEALD. Forget about equipment compromises and select the best deposition solution to fit your device requirements. F.A.S.T. = ALD FILM PERFORMANCES AT CVD SPEED!