Eric Beyne

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Dr. Eric Beyne is the Program Director of imec's 3D System Integration program in which imec’s own staff works alongside engineers from 30+ industrial partners (IDMs, foundries, fabless semiconductor companies, and OSATs), key equipment, material, and software tool suppliers, and leading academic partners toward radical innovation and pre-competitive development. Under leadership of Beyne, this large team performs R&D in the field of high-density interconnection and packaging techniques focused on “system-in-a-package” integration, 3D-interconnections including through-silicon vias, micro-bumps, and copper pillars, wafer-level packaging, RF front-end design and technology using integrated passives and RF-MEMS, as well as research on packaging reliability including thermal and thermo-mechanical characterization.

Eric Beyne obtained an MSc degree in Electrical Engineering in 1983 and a PhD in Applied Sciences in 1990, both from the University of Leuven (KU Leuven). He has been with imec since 1986 and holds the prestigious title of imec Fellow. He has been active member of the IEEE-CPMT BOG, the IMAPS-Benelux and IMAPS-Europe Liaison committee. He received the 2016 European Semiconductor Award from SEMI Europe.