2015 3D InCites Awards Public Opinion Ballot

The 3D InCites Awards recognize achievements that further the commercialization of 3D integration technologies. Awards are presented to companies whose innovative products have contributed significantly to the advancement of through silicon via (TSV) technologies and other innovative processes that enable interposer integration, 3D ICs, monolithic 3D, 3D memory, and 3D heterogeneous integration. The 2015 3D InCites Awards program is presented in partnership with Impress foundation.

In addition to a panel of 12 industry experts who decide the individual category awards, there will be one Reader’s Choice Award presented, determined by this online public opinion poll of 3D InCites subscribers. In the event of a tie for the individual category, the winner will be determined by the online poll. Voting opens July 6, 2015 and closes July 10, 2015. You must be registered as a 3D InCites subscriber and logged in to vote. Subscribers can vote once every 24 hours per category.

The nominees are:

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