Image Courtesy of TSMC Ltd.

TSMC’s OIP 2017 Symposium Shows The Awesome Power of an Ecosystem

Last week, September 13 to be exact, TSMC held its Open Innovation Forum (OIP 2017) Symposium at the Santa Clara Convention Center. Before getting into product and market details, allow me to share some of my general impression of this, as usual, very well-organized event. After several decades of experience with alliance management and ecosystem building, I see TSMC as the master of these discipl... »

Synopsys: Galaxy Implementation Platform

Synopsys: Galaxy Implementation Platform

Product Description Synopsys’ Galaxy™ Implementation Platform is the industry’s leading solution for IC implementation and signoff. Now available with powerful automation for multi-die implementation and foundry certified design flows, Galaxy provides a silicon-proven path to successful implementation of 3D-IC stacked die and silicon-interposer based 2.5D systems. Testimonial Following colla... »

EDA Approaches to 3D IC Tools

When I was in high school and then in college, I used my mother’s Smith-Corona  MANUAL typewriter to write all my English and journalism papers. (Yes, electric typewriters already existed, but we were "slow adopters" — aka "cheap" — heck, we didn’t even have a color TV until 1981) Those were the days of white-out, carbon paper, and lots and lots of revisions. Watching my high school-age d... »