Highlights from EDPS 2019

Highlights from EDPS 2019

The Electronic Design Process Symposium – EDPS 2919 – is known in the IC design community as a rather small (50 – 100 participants), but a highly interactive workshop. The 26th edition, hosted again this year by SEMI at its Milpitas headquarters, October 3-4, 2109 featured both EDPS IC design experts and a growing number of manufacturing experts, who presented and discussed the latest innova... »

EDPS 2015 Looks At IC Innovations from the Design Perspective

EDPS 2015 Looks At IC Innovations from the Design Perspective

On Thursday and Friday of last week, Monterey, California’s previous state capital, became the center of presentations and discussions about IC design challenges as well as latest innovations / progress made in the field of EDA tools and IC design methodologies at Electronic Design Process Symposium (EDPS) 2015. We also learned a lot about FinFETs and FD-SOI during Thursday morning’s keynote... »

Fans of the Fork

When You Come to a Fork In the Road, Take It

When Yogi Berra made this very wise statement, he certainly didn’t mean to give specific advice what to choose. I interpret his statement as an encouragement to make an educated decision and pick the best alternative, whenever you come to a fork in the road. The semiconductor industry is facing such a fork in the road to continued success. As the attached slide from last year’s CDN Live confer... »

2.5D Interposer wafer - TSMC

3D Super Chips, 2.5D Technology Advancements, and 3D through the EDA Lens

TSMC calls them 3D Super Chips. The rest of the industry calls it 3D heterogeneous integration. Whatever way you slice it, either 2.5D or 3D IC, it requires TSV technology for its method of interconnect. Here are a few recent items about the latest progress in the march to commercialization of both 2.5D and 3D ICs. EE Times journalist, R. Colin Johnson recently scored an exclusive interview with T... »

EDPS 3D Friday – The Vendor’s Turn

In addition to my Monday blog post, there has been a plethora of articles authored by other industry bloggers about the 3D Friday event, most of them focused on the user perspective, as well as the panel.  I haven’t seen a whole lot of attention paid to the vendors, Mentor, Cadence and Synopsys – all who had some input on their company’s offerings and readiness for 3D IC so far.  So I will »